Grading the Avery Bradley/Ray Allen Experiment: B+

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Bradley/Allen Experiment Game One Grade –


Ray Allen returned to the lineup last night, meaning the young scorching second year man Bradley was kicked off the starting five and was forced to grab some pine.  Allen came back from an ankle injury and was forced to drag around his size 12 foot all game.  Clearly, Allen wasn’t even close to 100%.  In fact he was almost a liability on the court.  I love Ray Ray, but there is no rush for him to come back into the lineup and risk injuring his already tender, delicate, bag of bones body.  If it weren’t for that corner three at the end of the game to cut the Spurs lead to one, I would be completely bashing Doc, Doc’s family, Ray, Ray’s family, and the Celtics team doctors.

But that starting role is for Bradley now.  There is a changing of the guard at the..guard position (horrible horrible pun).  Bradley is clearly way beyond Ray on the defensive end and isn’t brutal on the offensive end.  Avery chipped in with 19 off the bench and was at his usual pestering defense that caught the Spurs coaching staffs attention .  Pretty sure they called him a little shithead of something (“pain in the ass” was the direct quote).

But for the first tryout of this guard tandem, it wasn’t as difficult as expected.  Ray was rusty as shit, which was expected and Avery came off the bench swinging.  Both played the majority of the game and both contributed when they needed to.  Starting Avery makes more sense though.  He’s better with Rondo and has more speed, power, and youth than Ray.  Move Ray to the bench and see what happens.  He’s a pro who won’t bitch so why not?  Experiment before the playoffs and give Bradley a larger role.

By the way, devil alert last night:

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

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