Tyler Seguin, Tuukka Rask could be on the cover of NHL ’13

EA sports has taken the formula that has made Madden so popular and has brought it over to their NHL franchise. They are giving the power to the fans to select the cover athlete for this years upcoming game. They are having a tournament style bracket to eventually pick the winner.

Yes, Tyler Seguin and Tuukka Rask are in the running, but that being said, every team in the NHL has 2 players in this tournament. So, it’s gonna’ take a lot of voting on our part. Let’s put it this way. We won the friggin’ Stanley Cup last year, and Steven Stamkos was on the cover.

The best news for B’s fans hoping to see either of those two young stars on the cover next year is that arguably the game’s two most popular stars — Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin — are not in the running. -(NESN.com)

Another bit of good news here is that the “Madden curse,” doesn’t seem to carry over to the NHL series. Stamkos has 50 some odd goals this season. So should Seguin or Rask get that cover, no need to worry folks.

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