Skate Blade Cut Sidelines Seidenberg

The “German Hammer,” Dennis Seidenberg, suffered a cut across his leg over the weekend against the Los Angeles Kings. He manned up and played Tuesday against the Lightning, but the cut has now become infected.

“A little infection has gotten in there now. He’s on antibiotics, so just to play it safe we’re going to keep him out,” said Julien. -(

That’s pretty gnarly if you ask me. Seidenberg is no stranger to being cut by a skate. 2 season ago, he was cut across the wrist by a skate, which caused him to miss the playoffs. That, to me, is worse than getting cut on the leg, but I’m not doctor. Who will take his spot? The new Dennis Wideman of course, Joe Corvo.

However, Claude Julien, was quick to defend Corvo via Joe Haggerty’s Twitter account, saying, “I think a lot of people assumed when we pulled Joe Corvo out and started winning he was weak link. He wasn’t and now gets to show it.” We’ll see about that Claude, we’ll see about that. Bruins take on the Capitals tonight at the Garden.


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