New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets will go after Kevin Garnett this offseason

NESN Kevin Garnett’s contract is set to expire after this season, meaning he’ll be free to sign anywhere. And while many Celtics fans would love to have him back in Green, other teams will likely make a strong push for the veteran power forward. One such team is the New Jersey Nets. According to the New York Daily News, the Nets are targeting Garnett…in free agency.

I would love to see Garnett retire with the Celtics, but if he demands a lot of cash he’d have to go. KG is currently playing very well in green, but he is also making a killing at $21.2 million this season (ranking Garnett the fourth highest paid NBA player according to HoopsHype). If he has to go I’d hate to see him go to a division rival like the Nets, they have a solid young team and adding a veteran like KG could put them into the conversation for top teams in the East. This is a classic lose/lost situation. You keep Garnett and he could cost you a lot of money and he could age in a snap… or you lose KG and he helps a team in the division become a contender. I hate this news almost as much as I hate Kris Humphries.

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