I was in attendance at the Garden last night, where the Bruins honored Zdeno Chara for playing 1,000 games. He hit that mark in Los Angeles over the weekend, but since he was in LA, clearly they didn’t have a celebration for him.

It really is quite impressive if you think about it. 1,000 times Chara has physically dominated and overpowered thousands of players. 1,000 times he has taped his stick, his tape ball must be the size of Texas by now. 1,000 times he has laced up his clown shoe looking skates, it’s very tiring to think about putting on all that equipment that many times. You get where I’m going with this.

Many people have played in the NHL. Not many get to the level that Chara has just entered. The ceremony was pretty cool as well. His teammates presented him with some gifts and he spoke to the crowd. He seems like a very nice guy, he would definitely be a good neighbor.

Chara played a great game and had 3 apples to cap off a night to remember. I had some trouble remembering the end of the night, but that’s what rum runners will do to you. They were 15 dollars and there was a whole lot of booze in them, but I digress. The Bruins as a whole played very well and they are catching fire at the right time. 3 wins in a row. They look to keep it going on Thursday against the Alexander Ovechkin’s.

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