No Ray, No Pietrus, No Problem: Celtics Win, Tied for Division Lead

Boston HeraldThe Celtics, though lapsing at times into auto-pilot after leading by as many as 18 points, beat the Charlotte Bobcats, 102-95, and in the process tied idle Philadelphia for the Atlantic Division lead. There is, of course, one asterisk on the 27-22 record the two teams share.

“It’s good, but at the same time we haven’t beat Philadelphia (in two games) yet, so if it comes down to a tie they have that advantage,” Celtics forward Paul Pierce said. “It’s good for now, but we still have a lot of ball to play.”

Perhaps that’s why the mention of the Celtics’ Atlantic Division status brought a look of distaste to Rajon Rondo’s face. “Nothing to me,” he said. “As long as we keep getting wins, I don’t care. Just try to get better, and we’ll be tough to deal with in the playoffs, whether we’re the fourth, fifth or eighth seed.”

Considering the amount of injuries the Celtics have gone through this season (Jeff Green, Ray Allen, Mickael Pietrus, Chris Wilcox, Jermaine O’Neal, etc.) it is amazing that they can potentially be the number 4 seed in the Eastern Conference. Boston has put themselves in a good position to make a decent run with this terribly old squad. It will be a tough road no matter the seed they grab as they will most likely have to eventually play either Miami or Chicago in a seven game series. One thing that helps this team is the awful playoff structure in which games are days apart, keeping the Celtics elderly legs fresh. Honestly, can’t believe I am saying this but I think the C’s may have a chance to make a legitimate run this year. And if not… lets go get Roy Hibbert and Derron Williams, maybe even trade Rondo. Smell ya later KG.

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