Alex Rodriguez buys $17,600 worth of shit for his girlfriend’s niece, now he wants a refund & disputes charges

NBC SportsSo Alex Rodriguez took his 20-year-old niece, Michelle Silva, and his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, shopping recently at the Blue & Cream boutique on the Bowery, and the damage on his AmEx Black Card was $17,600. So far so good. But according to the New York Post, Silva’s mother then wanted her daughter to take back the expensive clothes, fearing that A-Rod was spoiling her. But the store won’t take them back. A-Rod is furious!

A-Rod either has shit luck, or he is just an idiot. Looks to me like A-Rod was trying to get with the young niece and ditch the old lady. Then his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, realized what he was up to and made him return everything. As an ex-wrestler she is probably much stronger than Rodriguez so I don’t blame him for listening and trying to return the stuff. When the store told him they would only give store credit I understood, but I would also be rip if I was A-Rod. I have no clue what the Blue & Cream boutique is but I don’t think there is 17k worth of shit that a grow man could use at this place. Well then again this is A-Rod…


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