C.J. Wilson gives out Mike Napoli’s phone number on Twitter, BURN

Rangers Blog/Dallas NewsLos Angeles Angels lefthander C.J. Wilson, always the hipster, pranked former Texas Rangers teammate Mike Napoli during the weekend. Wilson issued a Twitter ,message in which he asked Napoli to contact him and included a telephone number. It was actually Napoli’s cell-phone number, and he apparently was deluged with calls and text messages. Wilson removed the tweet, sending out another message that said “Okay I think we’ve all had a good time, I’m even with mike for saying he can’t wait to hit homers off me.” Wilson later said that with a salary of $10 million this season, Napoli could afford a new cell phone. (Napoli’s salary is $9.4 million, but who’s counting?)

The guy who wrote this called C.J. Wilson a hipster, hahaha. I actually like this move by Wilson. Don’t act all fat and cocky and say you are going to go deep on C.J. or you have to deal with a classic prank, the old cell phone number to over 116,000 followers. Napoli got roasted and he is probably rip over this. I’d be pissed, but you have to give it up to Wilson. Classic move.

@str8edgeracer = C.J. Wilson’s Twitter


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