Patriots Sign Steve Gregory

According to Adam Schefter and his Twitter account, the Patriots have reached terms with Steve Gregory.

Gregory has been a Charger his whole career. He must be more than excited to be on a team that doesn’t suck something powerful. Probably could have paid this guy in peanuts. Reported deal is around $2-3 million American dollars.

Gregory, 29, has played in 85 games during his career, initially emerging as a speedy special-teams presence before working his way into the starting lineup (31 career starts).

If you can play special teams, then you’re going to fit in well around here. He will have a chance to prove himself this season, where he should see a lot of the field. Hopefully he can make the safety position a little bit less of a merry-go-round.

In 2010, Gregory was suspended four games for a violation of the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

I think we can all over look a little suspension here and there. At least we know this guy is willing to give it all for his team, and he should be in damn good shape with all the cheating and products he’s used.

And to all you Matthew Slater fans, he’s baaaaaack! Special team champion. I like his style.

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