Patriots Free Agent Moves

Twitter has been blowing up with news, the Patriots have signed Bengals DE, Jonathan Fanene. Now, I have no idea who in the hell that is, but that doesn’t mean anything. Fanene has been inked to a 3-year deal with New England so it must mean he can play ball. Apparently, he is one tough mother, so welcome Jonathan.

According to the Boston Globe, the Patriots may be interested in LaRon Landry, which is just awesome news. The Globe also goes on to say that he may be visiting New England in the near future. Landry is a stud and is a monster in the defensive backfield. Landry is 27-years-old and would be a huge addition to the team.

The Patriots are hosting free-agent safety Steve Gregory on a visit at Gillette Stadium, a source confirms. Gregory is en route to New England today.

It looks like the Pats are really trying to bring in another safety to help out Chung next season. Steve Gregory is 29-years-old and was a solid player with the San Diego Chargers. San Diego blows in my opinion, so having the chance to leave Philip Rivers in the dust should be enough to make Gregory want to come here.

It’s also been all over Twitter that Benjaruvs Green-Ellis is visiting the Bengals. That is just awful news. I know a lot of fans think that the “Law firm,” is replaceable. I don’t think that a player like this comes along very often. No, he isn’t a flashy, highlight-reel type of back. However, he is more reliable than a Duracell battery. He has never fumbled. Not once, not never, even if there was a fire. Late in a game when you need to run some clock, or get a clutch first down, the luxury of having a back you know wont put the ball on the ground, is more than clutch. I also got his jersey last season, so Ben, you gotta stay man.

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