Jermaine O’Neal wants a buyout so he can join the Heat

SB Nation Boston Jermaine O’Neal wants a contract buyout from the Boston Celtics and has interest in signing with the Miami Heat, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, but the Celtics are still trying to use his expiring contract as part of a package deal as the NBA trade deadline approaches. It’s unclear whether O’Neal will even be able to play the remainder of the season. The center has not played since Feb. 20 due to a wrist injury that has affected him since last season, and was considering season-ending surgery as recently as a couple weeks ago. But if he can play, asking for a contract buyout makes a little sense. The 33-year old signed with the Celtics prior to last season in hopes of winning a championship. Now that the Celtics no longer seem like contenders, it’s natural that he would want to move elsewhere to continue chasing a ring.

Good riddance Jermaine! No matter what way this turns out, I will just be glad to see him gone. I hated him when he used to kill the Celtics as a member for the Pacers, and I think I might hate him more now as a useless part of the Celtics. Either way, Jermaine O’Neal is a Celtics killer. Hopefully they can use him as a part of a deal so they get something out of this waste and they don’t have to pay for him to leave. Maybe he should pay them for playing like shit and always “getting hurt.”


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