Bruins Struck By Lightning, 6 Times

(Photo by Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images)

In case you missed it, good for you. This game sucked something powerful. The Bruins weren’t skating, they weren’t hitting, and there was no desire to win a hockey game. Marty Turco got the nod in which lasted for all of 8 seconds. Turco looked terrible. Granted, the first goal for the Lightning shouldn’t have counted. The goal was kicked in, but for some reason they said it was legit.  Morons.

Thomas came in to replace Turco. Thanks for the rest, Marty. Thomas also looked like a bag of trash. He allowed 2 goals and was pulled, so Turco could come back in and throw up all over the ice.

After taking a beating like this, you’ve got to wonder what the hell is going on here. Injuries are really hurting the Bruins, and inconsistent goaltending is not a recipe for success. Six goals on 16 shots is nothing short of atrocious. After saying that, to only have 2 shots on goal after 1 period is absolutely inexcusable. Boston needs to fix this, and fix this quick.

With 13 games to go, and only a 2-point lead on Ottawa for the division, things could get dicey real quick if the B’s continue to play poorly. The trade deadline acquisitions haven’t looked great thus far. Rolston looks old and tired. Mottau doesn’t really play, and Zanon is serviceable. I guess…

Ference is back now, and McQuaid will hopefully be back soon. We also need Peverley and Horton back like a butcher needs an apron before gutting a duck. But for now, we have to win with what we have.

I think Claude might want to put in a call to coach Gordon Bombay.  He knew how to get a locker room going. And you also need a creepy old guy, who definitely shouldn’t have clearance to enter a locker room to help rally the troops.


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