The Sam Adams founder will drink himself to death very soon

In between quarters during last night’s Celtics game, Comcast’s awkward sideline reporter Greg Dickerson interviewed the founder of Samuel Adams brewery Jim Koch. And since Koch is hammered all day long every day, he let the world know what it’s like to run his famous beer company.

“…It’s never a bad thing when you start drinking at 8:00 AM and still manage to run a company..”

Dickerson promptly ended the interview after these comments.

4 thoughts on “The Sam Adams founder will drink himself to death very soon

  1. Realist says:

    Well CHart, first you gotta come up with the next big beer. I say we make a beer that tastes like buffalo sauce and has a bite like acetone…. we’ll call it “Only men drink this Beer”, and it will have a naked lady on it of course. Because that’s what tough guys like, right?

    As you can see I’m what people call an entrepreneur……….. gulf clap?

  2. Randy says:

    Dickerson is a total D-Bag then.. He “ended the interview after these comments” WTF kind of journalism is that? The man owns a brewery. He is leaving not riches but legitimate WEALTH to his family for generations to come. And again.. he OWNS A BREWERY.. yet because he drinks all day you judge him.. I’d bet money Dickerson has skeletons in his closet that would make drinking at 8:00 AM seem like a lollipop.

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