Patriots place the Franchise Tag on Wes Welker

As we all thought would happen, has happened says sources. The New England Patriots have placed the Franchise Tag on wide receiver Wes Welker. Welker will go from making $2.5 million in 2011 to $9.5 million in 2012. Not a bad raise, but still no long-term deal in sight. This will give each side another year to put together a deal for the future, and another year for Welker to build up a nice thick ‘stache… win/win for us all.

4 thoughts on “Patriots place the Franchise Tag on Wes Welker

  1. Realist Aka Getzo says:

    Well when it comes to Welker I….. waaaaaaaaaitaaaa second. Is that an advertisement on the website? Holy shit. So now you guys are getting paid for this stuff? Is it coincidence that this advertisement opportunity comes when the “realist” started showing his face around here? Yeah, that’s right, I speak in third person every now and then.

    Well here it is jamsters. Chart, Anonymous and Rimmy……. we have collectively showed our ‘hits’ and now the juice monkey, jewish guy, and irish guy are all getting paid. Without all of our support … this web site would really suck as compared to kinda sucking.

    Congrats! Here Here! May the Boston Jam live forever!


    1. Mr. MBA says:

      We wish. Actually WordPress throws up random ads that they get paid for on our site. We kill it, they get paid. Makes sense. We need to figure this shit out. Realist is the man and we will continue to suck with your help. But seriously thanks for reading.wink.

  2. Realist says:

    With my legendary sucking ability, I would feel ashamed not to help out. Wait that didn’t sound homoerotic did it?

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