New Bruin, Zanon, Finds Out He’s Been Traded Via Twitter

“All of a sudden my wife comes down and [says], ‘You’ve been traded!'” Zanon recalled Wednesday. “I’m like, ‘Shut up, no I haven’t. Who told you that?'”  “My sister said it’s all over Twitter!” she responded. -(

Even before Greg got the call from the Minnesota Wild GM, he realized he was on his way to Boston. That’s just life these days. Everything is instant. 1 minute, you’re playing for the Wild, the next, your wife’s sister is breaking the news that you have just been traded. Gotta love Twitter.

Zanon is most likely going to be making his Bruins debut tonight against the New Jersey Devils. He’s a tough dude that will fit nicely here in Boston. He plays a physical game and blocks shots like it’s his job. Not much in the way of offense, but if he can beat some ass, he’ll do just fine.

I find this video hilarious, yet informative.

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