Is a Rondo trade inevitable?

ESPN Boston – The Boston Celtics are aggressively trying to trade Rajon Rondo, their fourth-leading scorer and one of the NBA’s best point guards, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard.

The Celtics find Rondo’s personality to be too high-maintenance and his clashes with coach Doc Rivers remain an off-court distraction, sources told Broussard, and the front office is now actively pitching him to other teams. With the Celtics realizing they are no longer title contenders, they don’t believe his point guard prowess is worth the headaches Rondo brings, sources say. And they do not want to build around him. 

Oh great gravy, here we go. It looks like Danny Ainge is finally ready to blow it up. I know that he has been working on trading Rondo since the off season, but now it looks like the heat is on. I agree with moving some pieces on this team, but I certainly don’t agree with trading Rondo. He is one of the best point guards in the league and his defense and vision are arguably the best in the NBA. Apparently Ainge offered Rondo for Stephen Curry, but the Warriors declined. The only way I would allow this is if the Celtics get a good big man or get rid of these old bags.

3 thoughts on “Is a Rondo trade inevitable?

  1. Realist says:

    If moves are made with the FA frenzy this off season coupled with a trade that brings in talent from Rondo…. why not? I think it works as long as all contracts come off the books. Rebuilding time. Rondo is better suited for elite scores anyhow. It will work out for everyone as long as Ainge has a plan to bring in superior talent in other areas. Howard? I dunno, but you can bring back Ray Ray and KG off the bench next year on team friendly deals, no?


  2. Sunil says:

    Last night was the most entertaining Lakers game I have ever had the plseaure of seeing in person. From Kobe’s circus shots to WOW’s dunks to the Black Eyed Peas it was a joy to behold from start to finish. This was the first game I’ve seen all season where I saw the guys running the offense, making cuts and the extra pass. There was really only about a 4 minute stretch when the offense wasn’t a finely tuned machine. And the defense was great as well. Artest was relentless you don’t get to appreciate that when you see them on TV. But in person you realize just how hard he works on every play. Beyond Ron Ron the other guys were pressuring the ball, rotating and recovering, and doing a great job on the defensive glass.There are moments, and they are few and far between, when as a Laker fan you are forced to stop fixating on the negatives and just need to appreciate how lucky we are to have a team of this caliber. This was one of those nights. Not just this team, but this franchise what other team could have a night honoring their late great play by play announcer by giving away jerseys with his name on the back and having his wife bring out the game ball to THUNDEROUS applause from the crowd? It made me a bit teary-eyed before a single shot had been taken.There were at least 6 plays last night that in isolation would have been worth the price of admission.6. Kobe abusing Thabo with the hesitation stutter and finishing with his left hand.5. Farmar’s two-handed dunk off the drive4. WOW’s driving power dunk off the dribble3. Kobe’s left-handed bank shot to end of the 1st quarter.2. Kobe’s shot from behind the backboard (my reaction WHAT DID I JUST SEE?)1. WOW’s alley-oop dunk off the Farmar feed. (Seeing it in person WOW just seemed to come out of the ceiling of Staples to get that ball. I thought Jordan was looking for LO the whole way. Amazing jolted me out of my seat like an electric shock.)So to make a long story short: It’s a great time to be a Laker fan! I love this team!

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