Twitter loves Larry Bird, name mascot after him

NBC SportsWe’ve known for some time that the Twitter bird has a name — Larry. But was it named for Google co-founder Larry Page? Or, as I always thought, Larry Fine of the Three Stooges? No, now it can be told — the Twitter logo was named after Larry Bird. 

So how’d Larry get his name? Is he named after Google co-founder Larry Page? Or perhaps after Larry the Cable Guy? Maybe Larry King? No. Larry the Bird is named after former NBA basketball player Larry Bird of Boston Celtics fame.

We at the Jam love Twitter and we obviously adore Larry Legend. If you’re not following us on Twitter then you can stop reading now. No, keep reading… but seriously follow us. Anyways, big ups to the Twitter crew for giving this bird a sweet name, and naming it after one of the coolest guys on the planet. There’s nothing like a tall blond white dude that can drain shots with the best of them, dribble for days, pass like Magic, and talk trash like Jordan. So why not name your little birded mascot after Larry Bird? Exactly.


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