Racist Hippies Ben & Jerry create “Taste the Lin-Sanity”

Just kidding, they’re not hippies and probably not fully racist… but if you happened to miss it this weekend, Ben & Jerry’s came out with a new ice cream flavor to celebrate Harvard’s own Jeremy Lin. At their Harvard Square store they introduced “Taste the Lin-Sanity,” an ice cream which oddly enough had fortune cookies inside of this delicious mixture of vanilla frozen yogurt and lychee honey swirls. Ben & Jerry’s quickly apologized for the fortune cookie aspect of the ice cream as some may see this as stereotyping since Jeremy Lin is Asian-American. From what I am hearing off the streets, the company should be apologizing for the fortune cookies because they sucked. The cookies got soggy and nobody likes a soggy fortune cookie, that is a fact. Anyways, they have replaced the fortune cookies with waffle pieces and they plan on keeping this flavor in the store until the end of the Harvard basketball season.

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