Joe Maddon says let there be booze

ESPN Boston – A day after new manager Bobby Valentine announced alcohol would not be allowed in the Red Sox clubhouse, Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon said he would continue to allow adult beverages in his clubhouse, seemingly taking a shot at the Sox in the process. “We’re not the Boston Red Sox,” Maddon said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Consumption of beer (and take-out fried chicken) by starting pitchers during games in which they weren’t appearing became a lightning rod of controversy after last season’s September collapse (in case you hadn’t heard). The Sox became the 19th (of 30) major league teams to ban alcohol from the clubhouse.

Joe Maddon has it all right. Has Bobby Valentine ever seen “Boardwalk Empire?” Prohibition was a bad time in America and only caused more problems in society. I can already see Beckett and Lackey hiding nips in their socks and jock straps and can predict that Dice-K will brewing up a nice batch of moon shine in the ice tub. I love that Maddon took a shot at the Red Sox even though 18 other teams have banned alcohol from their clubhouses, because it makes the divisional rivalry more exciting. We can only hope Maddon and Valentine legitimately fist fight this season.


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