Finally, Jason Varitek will retire

Boston Globe– Jason Varitek, a two-time World Series champion and the captain of the Red Sox from 1997-2011, will announce his retirement on Thursday in Fort Myers sources told the Globe today. Varitek is expected to stay with the organization in some capacity.

Worst news ever. Not that Varitek is finally retiring, but that he will be with the organization in some capacity. I can’t stand this guy, he reminds me of the awful “Cowboy Up” days. I know most people probably love the most overrated catcher in the history of baseball, mainly because he was a captain (for god knows what reason) and because he fought A-Rod (even though he left his mask on), but I just plain hate him. Anytime a team collapses, like the Red Sox did last year, you would normally blame the captain but not with the Red Sox, Varitek was the only guy doing things right according to the team. Where was his captain-like leadership? Okay so he had a little affair with Heidi Watney… You know what, I give him props on that because she is a babe, but everything else he has done I could live without. Good riddance cap.


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