Wait… Rasheed Wallace is alive? and the Lakers signed him?

NECN – There’s at least one team apparently still with a need for Rasheed Wallace. CSNNE.com has learned that the former Boston Celtic forward plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Wallace hasn’t played in an NBA game since Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, alerting the C’s shortly before the game that he planned to retire… His return to action has been rumored for weeks, fueled by a decent showing at  Pro-Am tournament in North Carolina this summer. It only became heightened by, according to league sources, a renewed conditioning regimen that apparently has him looking better than he has “in years.” With a roster of 14 players, the Lakers can add Wallace and not have to worry about waiving a player to make room. His addition will likely fuel rumors that the Lakers will become even more aggressive in their decision to trade away Pau Gasol. However, a front office executive whose team has had both internal and external discussions about Gasol, said the addition of Wallace will only be to strengthen their bench. “His days as a starter in this league are gone,” said the source. “I think he knows that, and so do the Lakers. But think about it. Of the big men that are available, is there one that’s really better? And if he’s gotten himself in shape, adding him becomes a huge get for them.” 

What in God’s name is going on in this world? Are the Lakers seriously panicking to this extreme? Maybe everyone outside of Boston remembers Rasheed as the tough big man who has range from the entire court and plays ferocious defense on the reg. Well, rewind back to 2010 and I remember the Rasheed Wallace who played defense sometimes, was a weak rebounded, shot far too many threes, and almost never posted up. I don’t care how in shape you are, those traits don’t change in a player who is getting older and they will most likely only get worse. He is now two years older so I can’t imagine ‘Sheed has anything else to give, even off the bench… other than a bad attitude and a sick bald spot. If this means the price on Pau will lower on the trade market then I’m in. The Celtics need to blow this up and make a move and I think Gasol is the most underrated big man in the league. I’ll take Gasol, Blake, and a draft pick for Rondo, Pavlovic, and a player to be named later.

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