Lunch of the Day

As most of you are non-religious sinners, you probably don’t know that today is Ash Wednesday. I’m not the most religious person either, but from what I remember my mother wouldn’t let me eat my daily turkey and cheese sandwich while sporting a sweet charcoal dot on my forehead. Instead I was forced to eat a PB&J or mac & cheese (both great meals). So today when I was trying to figure out how to stay holy I surfed right to my favorite food ordering site, where you can legit find any type of food you could possibly want (I’m talking about lamb and tuna fish to fried marshmallows). I looked through the tons of restaurant options Foodler has and chose the obvious meal of the day: two orders of mozzarella sticks with a side of hot sauce.

But in all seriousness, if you are looking for some bomb lamb tips and onions hit up I have been looking all over the place for a nice restaurant that will deliver something tasty and odd, and Foodler has it all with about 200 different places that will deliver to the Jam HQs.

Seriously what is better than sitting down on the couch (in my case sitting down on the sticky floor of the HQs, opening up Moose’s brand new laptop and ordering a nice meal? Like I said, you can find it all, nice and easy for me to get fat. Most of the places have no delivery fees either. Pretty much the ideal site for a poor sports blogger that gets none of the cut. Moose takes home 97% of the profit for the record.


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