The Celtics didn’t stand a chance in my TV rotation last night

(Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Celtics squared off against the Dallas Mavericks on the national stage last night, and since I consider myself a semi diehard I was naturally looking forward to it.  But when I saw the Celtics starting lineup that boasted Jermaine O’Neal, Chris Wilcox, and Avery Bradley I immediately hit the “guide” button on the remote control to see what else was on TV.  Because I knew that game was going to suck.  And it did.  The Celtics got demolished, raising the already heightened topic of trading parts of the Big 3 at the deadline.  And I don’t know what to think of that idea anymore.  When healthy, this team is alright I’ll give them that.  But when a starter goes down, the ship sinks and everyone dies (not my best ship metaphor).  And because I knew KG and Rondo weren’t playing last night, the C’s took a back seat in my TV watching schedule.  Here is what bumped them:


Yes I know this aired Sunday but I missed it. Not a bad episode. A lot of nudity, some good build up, and my envy increased for the main character Hank on the show. For those who watch the show, you know what I mean.

Lindsay Lohan E True Hollywood Story

Nothing like watching a movie star crash and burn. And watching Lindsay do that is platinum entertainment. I don’t relish in her self-destruction but I definitely don’t hate it. And it’s not like I’m rooting for her to do well either. I just like to watch her career and health deteriorate. It doesn’t hurt that she is sexy as hell. Well, sometimes.

Re-watched nude scenes from Californication

British accent and curves? Come on, it would have been criminal if I didn’t re-watch it.  Again, for those who watch the show you know what I mean.

Checked into the Celtics game late in the fourth quarter

At exactly this point I saw the C’s down 80-59 with about six minutes left in the game. Pierce was at the foul line shooting free throws and had a helpless look on his face. The scene felt eerily similar to the mediocre Celtics teams of the past when Pierce had to carry them every game. Bass, Garnett, and Rondo didn’t play last night but still. The team and game were depressing as shit.


3 thoughts on “The Celtics didn’t stand a chance in my TV rotation last night

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    The Celtics are too old for the tight schedule this season. Hope the Big 3 can deliver though, because this will be their their last chance.

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