The Boston Jam mentioned in a Tim Thomas hate comment on a French hockey site

Some French based hockey site had a post about the New Jersey Devils’ Ilya Kovalchuk and a Hangover. I have know idea what this site is or what they are trying to say, but being at the forefront of Boston Sports one specific fan (Gaston) of said site used one of our articles to hate on Tim Thomas. I took a look at this comment and the only thing I understood was Tim Thomas and K.K.K. (hoping it had to do with his three children all with names beginning with a K). So of course I had to Google Translate this puppy.

Rien ne va plus pour Tim “K.K.K.” Thomas.
Une autre défaite aujourd’hui, un pourcentage d’arrêt de 0.882 lors de ses 5 derniers matchs et des commentaires forts étranges sur son compte facebook.
Il est surprenant et décevant à la fois de constater qu’un vétéran de 37 ans comme lui ne puisse gérer le “hanghover”.

Translated to English:

Nothing goes to Tim “K.K.K.” Thomas.
Another defeat today, a save percentage of 0882 in its last 5 games and strong strange comments about her facebook.
It is surprising and disappointing to see both a veteran of 37 years as he can manage the “hanghover”.

Okay, so Google Translate has some flaws but this seems pretty close to what I think Gaston was going for. Thomas’ comments on Facebook are hated all over the world (guessing Gaston is French Canadian… but no clue) and his recent play isn’t helping his cause. Sonow people think he is a member of the K.K.K. Pretty brutal. Keep your mouth and  Facebook shut Tim, and clean up your play… or else Gaston will continue to slur you.


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