P.K. Subban, Canada’s favorite wimp

CBS Sports– As far as P.K. Subban is concerned, he should be free to elbow star center’s in the head and face no repercussions. That’s what the Canadiens defenseman seemed to be saying to ESPN The Magazine this month when responding to criticism of his hit on David Krejci that led to the 6-foot, 212-pound Subban to crumple to the ice when immediately confronted by Andrew Ference. “I didn’t even see [Ference] coming, really,”Subban told ESPN. “People who talk about me turtling don’t talk about him jumping me and not giving me a chance to get my gloves off. If people want to say I turtle, just look at how many career fights I’ve had in less than two years.”

You can’t make this shit up. P.K. Subban is the worst of the worst and this just proves it. If you look at the video below you can clearly see Subban looking directly at Ference. The guy is an absolute worm and is terribly overrated. Elbow a Bruin again and I will send Moose on you after he eats some bad delicatessen.


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