Eastbound and Down is off to a serious start

East Bound and Down premiered on HBO on Sunday night and judging by how funny the first episode was, I am sure the ratings were through the roof. After a non-stop laughing first season, to a so-so second season, Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is looking to come back into the United States, while bringing some hilarious new cast-members along for the ride (SNL’s Jason Sudeikis). The regulars like, April “Big Cannons” Buchanon, Stevie Janowski, Dustin and his family, and Principal Cutler all seem to be back in this season. Thank God because most of last season was just Kenny and Stevie and a bunch of Mexicans and it didn’t have the same results as the first season.

So my grade for the first episode of Season Three is an A-. They bring in a comedic genius like Sudeikis, they have Kenny and Sudeikis banging two what seemingly high school girls, Toby’s first birthday party, some random black guy, and an awesome fight at a putt-putt golf park. It was all twisted in to a very serious ending where April ends up leaving Kenny, who she just reunited with the night before, by himself with their 1 year old son.

I am sure this is going to be a great season of watching Kenny try to raise his baby boy with the help of his friends. Stevie Janowski and his fat, Mexican girlfriend did not make an appearance in episode 1, but everyone is anxiously awaiting his return as well as Principal Cutler. What will happen to April, will Kenny make it to the bigs, will someone die, these are all questions that I am sure fans are waiting to be answered this season. So if you havent watched the first episode yet, my bad for ruining it, but if you have – enjoy another awesome season. Peace out Jammers.


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