Manny Ramirez signs with Oakland, shocked when he realizes Brad Pitt is not actually the GM

ESPN Boston– Manny Ramirez told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez on Monday that he has agreed to a deal with theOakland Athletics. Sources tell Gomez the deal is worth about $500,000. Ramirez is obligated to serve a 50-game suspension without pay before beginning play for the A’s due to violating baseball’s drug policy for the second time. With no rainouts, the first game Ramirez would be eligible to play is June 2 at Kansas City.

Why would Manny Ramirez sign with Oakland? Well for starters I’m sure he didn’t receive many offers and according to @trippingolney – aka Not Buster Olney – Manny has always wanted to play for Brad Pitt. I can honestly see Manny watching Money Ball and thinking Brad Pitt is actually the manager of the A’s. Can’t blame him, the guys a great actor.


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