Tim Wakefield retires, MLB game time average predicted to be lowest in 20 years

ESPN Boston – After 19 seasons in the majors — 17 of them with the Boston Red Sox — knuckleballer Tim Wakefield will announce his retirement from baseball Friday afternoon… The 45-year-old Wakefield will walk away with 186 victories with the Red Sox, just six short of the team record shared by Cy Young and Roger Clemens. He picked up his 200th career victory late last season. He had been extended an invitation to Red Sox spring training but was not guaranteed a roster spot.

This is a very emotional day for me. Growing up Tim Wakefield was a staple on the Red Sox pitching staff, and today that staple is going to be removed. So many memories of getting Red Sox v. Yankee tickets and then showing up to Fenway only to be extremely disappointed that I got the Wakefield game. Not because he is a bad pitcher by any means, but because i knew this was going to the longest, most boring game ever. Out of say 50 games I went to throughout my life, it is safe to safe I ended up at 40 Tim Wakefield starts. Worst luck ever. But congrats to Tim on a great career.


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