Jose Canseco gives out personal email on Twitter. Obviously gets abused

Jose CansecoJose Canseco @JoseCanseco

Miss Leila’s Famous Naughty Girl Valentine & Birthday Cards is now open for business . email me at if you want to order one

Canseco has 398,272 Twitter followers. And 398,000 of those followers follow him to track his on again off again relationship with his girlfriend Leila. And also to see his incredibly depressed/insane tweets. But last night he tweeted his personal email address to the Twitter world in order to promote his girl’s card business, which I’m assuming is absolute garbage.

And as forecasted, Canseco’s plan of trying to help his girl’s business by sending out personal information fell through. Hard. I can only imagine the types of emails Canseco received in order to have Leila come to his defense on his Twitter account. And I can’t imagine the types of hate emails he received after Leila came to his defense on his Twitter account. Me ALMOST being one of them. I didn’t though, he’s too easy of a target.

Jose CansecoJose Canseco @JoseCanseco

This is Jose’s girlfriend Leila. I love him very much so If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. Thanks!


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