Raptors hold Asian Heritage Night, welcome Jeremy Lin and the Knicks

@darren rovell – “You Can’t Make This Up” File: The Raptors scheduled tonight’s game vs the Knicks as Asian Heritage Night before the season.

If the NBA isn’t rigged, I don’t know what is. This is WWE story line shit right here. Alright, maybe not exactly but this is insane… or should I say Linsane, right?

This Jeremy Lin story is great, we get it. The media is shoving it down our throats every second, yet somehow only one guy (@darrenrovell) picked up that last night the Raptors held Asian Hertiage Night… on vaLINtines Day. If this wasn’t confirmed that it was in fact scheduled before the season I would call shenanigans. Toronto had it’s best attendance all year last night, all due to the Asian sensation Jeremy Lin… again on Asian Heritage Month. It’s great that we are celebrating the success of an Asian-American in the NBA but listen to the kid, he is about as Asian as Moose (Moose is a Jew). Yes, Lin is in fact Asian and clearly looks it, but this isn’t Wang Zhizhi we’re talking about here.
Oh yeah, and Lin hit a last second three to win the game. Lin-Tin-Tin all day.

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