Lunch of the Day

And for today’s lunch of the day we have a colossal sub that can be only found in the belly of Boston, Dino’s Cafe. This stomach cramp provoker is called the steak pizzaiola. If you go into Dino’s and want this sub, make sure you pronounce it correctly. My first time going into this place I asked for the “steak pizza” and got a pound of steak tips with a slice of pie. It was a solid lunch, but it backed me up big time. A couple of days big time.

On this sub though, is hots on one side, the Jam’s proud sponsor Mama’s Peppa Relish (green stuff) on the other side, with two fried eggs thrown on top.  I would be lying to all of your eyes if I told you this didn’t back me up big time too.


One thought on “Lunch of the Day

  1. Realist says:

    I miss a good steak n’ cheese… that’s all I ate when I went back to B-Town in September.
    The one good steak n’ cheese I found out here closed down… Actually it was one of my top 3 favorites of all time.
    But can’t complain… burrito heaven out here.

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