How has the Michael Jordan McBacon Deluxe burger not made a comeback yet?

If this sandwich was still on the Mcdonalds menu it would replace my go to order of the Big Mac. This is groundbreaking. Mac Sauce with bacon. This would sell like Jeremy Lin racist t-shirts these days.  Not seeing this burger in the fast food arena is almost as eye opening as the first time I discovered you could put mac sauce on any sandwich on the menu. For those who didn’t know that up until now, your welcome.

And if you needed yet another example of how untouchable Jordan was in the 90’s, how about the fact that he pocketed millions from endorsing this product without ever being in the commercial. Instead they grabbed Charles Barkley from the Phoenix Suns and a run down Larry Bird and slapped MJ’s name across the screen.  Most powerful name in sports.


One thought on “How has the Michael Jordan McBacon Deluxe burger not made a comeback yet?

  1. Cable says:

    I know this is an old post, but to be accurate: The McBacon Deluxe had mayonnaise instead of Mac Sauce, and it was delicious. In fact I regard that burger as one of McDonalds’ best ever. I have tried to have the workers replicate it, but the bacon is not the same as they used then (crispy and not so fancy, and cooked in a nice circle that fit the bun) also they don’t build it in the right order ever or with the right about of mayo (usually too much). So short of being a pain in the butt customer with a ridiculous special request, its unlikely I’ll ever have that masterpiece in my to-go bag again.

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