Bruins Shut Out At Home, Valentines Day Ruined

Last night was a big test for the Bruins. They should have cheated off the smart kid, because they failed. They out shot the Rangers by what seemed like 93 but they couldn’t solve the human rubix cube that is Henrik Lundqvist.

1st Period

I strategically made dinner plans with my girlfriend around the Bruins game. Reservation was at 8. So, I was able to watch the 1st period at her place. I saw the Bruins struggle to get momentum going. Meanwhile I was struggling to pretend to pay attention to my girlfriend and all that goes with the day of love. I then became visibly upset when the Bruins gave up a goal with 11.8 seconds left in the period. That was the back-breaker right there. Side note, I bought Bud Light Platinum. Not bad, not bad.

2nd Period

We arrive at the restaurant just as the period was getting underway. Perfect timing. I requested a seat near the T.V. Of course they gave me a seat that was 600 yards away, but I made it work. I had some wine, and a delicious appetizer of various meats and cheeses. The 2nd period was better for Boston. They heavily out shot the Rangers and carried much of the play, they just couldn’t manufacture a goal. I enjoyed another glass of wine… I hate wine.

3rd Period

A large gentlemen decided to stand for like 8 minutes and ruined the start of the 3rd. The minutes ticked by as I waited for my steak, phenomenal by the way, and I just had a feeling that the lead for the Rangers was insurmountable. I had pulled off the classic dinner pretending to not be focused on the game. But all that work for nothing, as Anisimov put another one home to put the game away for New York. Seidenberg scored a fake goal that made me yell out loud for a second. The goal was overturned as I finished a glass of port. Awful, and I’m not just talking about the port.


The Temple Bar has kick ass food. As for the game, the Bruins are struggling, no question about it. They miss Horton… I miss Horton dammit. If he is going to be out for a while, which seems to be the case, Boston needs to look to add someone at the deadline. I don’t put all this on Thomas. Yea, he’s been questionable off the ice, but on the ice he’s played alright. We just can’t score, it’s not like we’re losing games 5-4. 3 out of the last 6 have been losses by way of shut out. That’s just terrible. Everyone needs to step their shit up.


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