Randy Moss Is Coming Back

Randy Moss has announced he is no longer retired. Yes, his role is to take the ball deep, and take the top off the defense. Will he be doing that in a Patriots jersey next season? I have no idea, but that would be awesome. The guy can still play. That nerdy lookin’ John Clayton on ESPN said “no, he will not be back on the Patriots, but I could see him on the Jets.” He may have “insider” information and more knowledge than I will ever have, but I say to him, stranger things have happened John, stranger things have happened. If he comes back on the Jets, I will eat my hat.


2 thoughts on “Randy Moss Is Coming Back

  1. Realist says:

    Sign him and then trade him with the 3rd round pick we got for him back to Minnesota for Jared Allen…. ahahaha… Yeah Yeah I know we already used that pick… just stay with me here though….

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