Lunch of the Day

Today’s lunch of the day wasn’t consumed for lunch but rather this weekend. It was such a unique choice for my dinner Saturday night, I had to let Jammer’s know today that I ate it. The original Chunky Soup with sirloin burger. And it wasn’t bad to honest. The sodium level was a little high for my liking (5000 milligrams) and the meat had a hint of aluminum but overall, not a brutal dinner. The biggest downside to this meal was that I was all out of clean spoons, so I had to eat soup with goddamn fork. Another downside was that Jerome Bettis and Donovan McNabb weren’t on the label with their pretend Chunky Soup mothers. Those girls had sass for days. 


3 thoughts on “Lunch of the Day

  1. Realist says:

    Dude… tantilizing turkey is really good too, try that shit. I hear ya, it’s not that bad for such a thing… I mean in a nuclear holocaust, not sure there is a better meal to keep around.

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