I’ll go ahead and blame the Celtics loss to the Lakers on Kevin Garnett

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

After holding a company meeting last night at the North Street Grille in Boston, MA, the Jam staff went back to my place to watch the end of Celtics v. Lakers game. Let me back up a little. By company meeting, I mean myself, Reverend Knick, and Schif/The Spoked C met up for some food, got drunk, and talked about how hot our waitress was. Of course non of us pulled the trigger or attempted to start up any type of small talk with the waitress, so we sat and gawked and became awkwardly quiet when she approached the table. She did leave TWO underlines instead of one on the “amount” section of the bill, so I’ll over analyze that and think it was a subtle way of flirting.

KG's shooting performance..

But when the staff got back to my place to watch the C’s, winners of five in a row take on the Lakers in the fourth quarter, Kevin Garnett smothered the TV with missed shot after missed shot. Nearly every time Garnett touched the ball he fired a shot that was either too short or clanged off the back iron. The only way the Celtics kept it close was when the ball was out of Garnett’s hands. Pierce, Ray, Pietrus, and Rondo peppered in baskets in between KG’s Michael Scott performance.

It was bad. Between the fourth quarter and Overtime, Garnett missed nine straight shots. One of them being a deep, deep two with under 30 seconds in OT with the Celtics down by 1. Garnett finished the game going 6-23 from the field.

As if KG wasn’t bad enough last night, the The Jermaine O’Neal/Kevin Garnett duo was like watching two twelve-year golden retrievers climb the museum steps in Philly from “Rocky”. As much as Jermaine is trying with giving up his body for charges, he just can’t keep up with opposing solid big men in the league. He’s too slow, get’s too exhausted, and isn’t agile at all.

If you want to put the “team” stamp on last night’s loss, fine. The final possessions at the end of regulation and overtime didn’t exactly go to plan either. But me, I’ll still put the loss on KG’s shoulders. Entirely.


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