Twitter #Hashtag Debate Of The Night: Duke vs. UNC

Well we all are aware by now of Austin Rivers late second heroics from last nights game in which he hit a three to put the Blue Devils ahead of the Tar Heels 85-84. Tensions were high, the abundance of goofy white athletes was noticeable, and Doc Rivers was celebrating like a 16 year old winning a Cabrio on the “Price Is Right.” And of course, as soon as the shot was drained and the crowd went silent, Twitter erupted as if it The Undertaker and Paul Bearer just raised the urn sky-high. There was a lot of people on either side of the debate, some happy and some upset. But regardless of who you had your paycheck on, the best thing to come of last night were the #hashtag’s that people were stamping on their tweets.

As I scanned the landscape, two main #hashtag’s jumped out as me as formidable opponents for the title of “#Hashtag Of The Night.” Let’s take a look…

Corner 1: #CoachKsCombOver

Kind of harsh, be it we all know that Coach K has a permanent pressed mat of hair that hasn’t moved since the Miracle on ice.

Corner 2: #RoyWilliamsSquaff

For those who don’t know what the term “squaff” means, it roughly translates to “miss-hit something”, a.k.a. completely biff it on an open opportunity.

I’m opening this one up for debate to the Jammer’s public. Vote wisely friends.


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