Bill Belichick and Ricky Barnes tee off

The first day of the 2012 AT&T Pro-Am is officially underway and one of Boston’s very own is paired up with one of the more solid golfers in the world. Ricky Barnes (31) has the honor of hanging out with one of the dullest men in America as he plays along side of New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichik (59). After 6 holes the pair is already four strokes behind the leaders and are sporting a nice 1 over par. Here are some of the other notable pairings:

Ryan Moore and Jim Harbaugh (Eh, decent)

Jim Furyk and Darius Rucker (My pick, Hootie and the Furyk)

D.A. Points and Bill Murray (Best to hang out with)

Tiger Woods and Tony Romo (Powerhouse pair)

P.S. Is anybody surprised that in this picture above Belichik is wearing one of his cut up hoodies?


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