Harvard Alum Jeremy Lin is the next Isiah Thomas

ESPN NY – In the Knicks’ 99-88 win over the Jazz Monday night, Jeremy Lin became the first player in more than 30 years to have at least 28 points and eight assists in his first NBA start. The last player to do that? None other than former Knicks president and coach, Isiah Thomas. On Oct. 30, 1981, playing for the Pistons, Zeke had 31 points and 11 assists in his pro debut. 

To emphasize how good Lin has been in just two games, here’s a breakdown of NBA point guards with the best PER (player efficiency rating) and for players on the Knicks: 

Highest PER By Point Guards This Season
Chris Paul — 26.7 
Derrick Rose — 25.3 
Jeremy Lin — 25.0 
Steve Nash — 23.4 
Russell Westbrook — 22.8 

Highest PER By New York Knicks This Season
Jeremy Lin — 25.0 
Carmelo Anthony — 20.8 
Tyson Chandler — 20.4 
Amare Stoudemire — 17.3 
Landry Fields — 13.1 

I can honestly say that I hate New York right now. Not that I even thought the Patriots awful defense deserved to win a Super Bowl, it still hurts to get beat by the Giants who ripped my heart out only a few years ago. However, there is one bright spot that has me rethinking how I feel about New York, and that is the Knicks’ newest starting point guard Jeremy Lin. A former Harvard basketball stand out, Lin is proving the naysayers wrong and tearing it up on the court as a starting point guard in the NBA. How can you not love this kid? He went to Harvard, didn’t get drafted, is already on his second NBA team in just his second year in the league, he’s wicked smart, ate at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage on the reg, and it now looks like he is a legitimate NBA point guard. Move over Isiah, Lin is in.


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