Brady is going to lose a couple years off his life in the coming months

Being a perfectionist has it’s consequences. You get accustomed to having everything in place all the time, and when the dam breaks all hell breaks lose. And in Brady’s case, the dam just broke for a second time after major reconstruction in 07′ (a booze provoked metaphor).

Brady started his career in an unprecedented way. Winning three Superbowls in his first four years set the bar pretty high for his career. It’s an insane pace for any athlete to set for themselves, and a dangerous one at that.

So being used to Superbowl victory parties in your mid twenties and then all of a sudden realizing that you haven’t sniffed a post Superbowl dance floor in seven years, can make a guy a little crazy. A little crazy that makes him demand the same perfection out of his teammates as he demands out of himself.

This season, Brady has been criticized for yelling at his teammates more than usual. And since all of them had the sense to take it on the chin and not fire back at Brady’s obvious off field flaws (Uggs, dancing with hands above head at a Brazilian carnival, Uggs), the whole situation made the quarterback look a little hostile. Like a father trying to squeeze out the last bit of athleticism from his kid before they discover booze and weed and become lazy.  It’s a difficult task.

And after the Superbowl loss on Sunday, Brady was crushed. All those man hours he spent trying to make every play, practice, and game perfect meant nothing. Brady wasn’t perfect anymore. And the person that will defend that notion to death, Brady himself, has to deal with it internally.  Every day until next season.

Meaning that sleep won’t come easy. An appetite won’t exist. Impotence will exist (Gisele naked, never mind). Who knows maybe Tom will develop a crazy booze and pill addiction that will make him gain 25 pounds in the neck and ass (I bet he would still be stunning though).

All I know is that the next couple of months won’t be easy for Brady. He knows his winning window is closing and he can’t waste and miss opportunities like he did on Sunday. And he won’t allow himself to do it again.

So in pursuit of that perfection, expect Brady to be an even bigger drill sergeant towards his team mates next year.  A potentially pill addicted booze bag, sleep deprived, stressed drill sergeant.


4 thoughts on “Brady is going to lose a couple years off his life in the coming months

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not if they get more pieces on defense. Brady had to carry this team the entire year becuase the defense was bad for so long. Get a couple rushers in there and the weight will come off Brady

  2. Realist says:

    You fuckin’ guys…. what the hell is going on? Did ESPN pay you guys this week or something? Shit….

    You know TB is coming bnack with reinforcements and will only use thisa for motivation. He cried 11 years AFTER being drafted 199…. This will only make him stronger.

    And this is not homer.. justa real fan understanding the team he follows.. Wish you guys understood that instead of pretending to play ESPN together…

  3. Moose says:

    Realist, never said that he wouldn’t come back guns blazing. I’m just saying that he has too much time to think about what happened and he might pick up the bottle in the meantime. Never said anything about his performance. Guy will throw 40 td next year

  4. Realist says:

    Sorry, the Patriot hate (like everywhere in America) is immense right now. Eli played well, but they’re saying he’s better now. It’s a horrid injustice to Brady.

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