The Jam’s Superbowl experience

So umm, ya. Watching the Patriots lose last night wasn’t nearly as devastating as the previous Superbowl loss to the Giants. Don’t get me wrong, it was rancid but the 07′ loss was numbing. At least to me though.  Because I’m overly optimistic about this team.  They are extremely young, talented, and managed to win games with players who shouldn’t have been on the field (Jame Ihedibo, Antoine Molden, etc.) .  Losing to Eli twice in two separate Superbowl’s is gut wrenching, but you have to believe if this Patriots team can make it this far, then future teams can do the same.  Now, as I say that I did just finish pouring my third Jameson on the rocks this morning but that isn’t out of depression.  It’s, well, I guess out of depression.  But to ease the pain this morning, not only am I drinking but I wrote about my experience with the Superbowl.  And here is how it went down…

6:22 PM
I watch Kelly Clarkson sing the national anthem intently, waiting to see if her gut slips out. One of the few bets I considered putting money on. Didn’t see any gut.

6:41 PM
Giants are forced to punt on the opening series after the Patriots defense doesn’t look brutal. Shortly after I watch Brady throw a ball to the 50 yard line with no receiver in sight. 2-0 Giants.

7:03 PM
I get up to make another plate of wings and come back to Victor Cruz doing the salsa in the endzone. 9-0 Giants.

7:16 PM
Patriots finally get on the board with a Gostkowski field goal. I try to imitate Cruz by doing the salsa but ended up spilling my plate of wings on my dogs back. 9-3 Giants.

7:42 PM
The Patriots are driving and Brady connects with Woodhead in the end zone for a three yard pass. My little brother gets up from the couch and tries to mock Cruz by doing his version of the salsa, but ends up spilling his bowl of chili. On my dogs back. 10-9 Patriots.

7:57 PM
I watch Madonna in the halftime show hoping that it gets better. It didn’t. It looked like she was trying to prove a lot of out there. What exactly I have no idea but you know you’ve made it big when your name comes up in word spell check. It just happened.

8: 19 PM
Patriots look sharp on their first drive of the half, as Brady caps it off with a 12 yard TD pass to Hernandez. A new version of the tip drill celebration ensues, confusing white people including myself everywhere. 17-9 Patriots.

8:32 PM- ?
The Giants squeeze in two field goals to close the score to 17-15.

9:06 PM
My older brother texts me after a Golden Coral commercial saying – “I want to go to Golden Coral with the pats d-line”. I replied with, “sounds awful” when he quickly shot back with, “Their onion rings aren’t bad”.

9:26 PM
The Patriots look in control and on a pivotal 2nd and 11 Brady lofts a 20 yard pass to Welker, but Welker ended up dropping the ball. To Welker’s defense, the ball was high and behind him but at that point in the game it forced the Pats to punt to the Giants with a little less than 4 minutes left.

9:37 PM
Eli Manning drops back and hurls a 38 yard pass to Mario Manningham in between two Patriots defensive backs. After review, it was deemed a catch and the Pats were charged with a time out. I go over to my dog and pour my iced tea on its back just because.

9:40 PM
The Giants are draining the clock and gaining yards. Eli Manning looks way too poised. I fear the worst.

9:45 PM
Giants are within the Patriots 10 with under a minute to go and the Pats D lets Ahmad Bradshaw score. 21-17 Giants, 56 seconds remaining.

9:59 PM
After converting a first down, the Patriots are down to their final play near the 50 yard line. Brady hurls a Hail Mary pass to the end-zone and the ball gets tipped and Gronk misses the ball by a half a step. Giants…win….21-17.


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