Haven’t been this nervous for something since…

It’s almost game time. I ate a couple of meals already, did my laundry, and haven’t watched a second of the terrible ESPN programming. Nothing else to do now but wait and think about the game. And that’s not a good thing. Because when you wait for something big, you get nervous. And I haven’t been this nervous for something like this in quite some time. Maybe its the fact that I’m nervous that Eli bleeping Manning could beat us twice in a Superbowl, or maybe the fact that I haven’t called out of work yet tomorrow even though I have been packing my body with high-octane crap all day. Either way, I’m nervous and haven’t felt this way since..

My 3rd grade science Project

For anybody that remembers school science projects, they know that when you entered 3rd grade you were expected to make your own. They gave you months to complete it and then put your third grade ass on a stage to present it in front of way too many people. Thinking back on it, it was pretty cruel.  A tall task for anyone, never mind a 3rd grader.  No third grader was supposed to know how to speak in front of 30 people about a project their parents made for them. And I’m pretty sure I pissed/puked/shit myself right before walking on stage.

The whole virginity thing

I will spare the details because I know my mom reads this stuff, but if I could sum up that time in my life with one word it would be “tremors”. Nervs and Captain Morgans made me a pretty awkward date that night.

Using the T system for the first time

I’m a guy with a sense of pride and integrity, so when I decided to try out the Boston T-system I was scared. Because not only did I expect to get lost (I did. East Boston lost), but I didn’t want to let people know I was lost. So going into it, I knew I was going to get lost and I knew I wasn’t going to ask anyone for help because I didn’t want anyone to know I was lost. Horrible logic I know, and it was an extremely long Tuesday.

The list isn’t long for a reason. This game falls into Moose’s elite list of All Time Nervous moments.

But enough is enough.  Let’s do this Patriots. Please. Let’s do this.


One thought on “Haven’t been this nervous for something since…

  1. Realist says:

    And just like that I now know why sports mean so much to me.

    Because my life fucking sucks, so I live through sports to fill that void….. sad…. fuck you Eli Manning.

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