Paul Pierce’s shot clock violation spoiled an epic Boston Sports moment

(Photo by Steve Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

Last night Paul Pierce dropped 30 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists on the head of the cocky New York Knicks. And since Pierce refuses to let his career die (Jermaine O’Neal), he demanded the ball and made big shots down the stretch. But Pierce’s biggest shot last night was the one that didn’t count.

Pierce got stripped of the ball late in the fourth, recovered it, and with the shot clock winding down hurled up a classic Paul Pierce disgusting three pointer that somehow found the bottom of the net. When it happened I got the feeling that that play would be in Paul Pierce’s highlight video when he enters the Hall of Fame.

The shot had everything. The game was close, Pierce was still showing he had something left in tank, and it was at home against the Knicks. Pure Goosebump City (below).

Until further review. I still think he got the shot off in time, and I still think the NBA review system is absolute garbage. Follow the NHL Stern, and send it up to a booth to be reviewed.  Herb..

Whether it counted or not, it was one of those classic Boston sports moments….that didn’t count.

I give you a 3 on the originality scale Pierce.


2 thoughts on “Paul Pierce’s shot clock violation spoiled an epic Boston Sports moment

  1. Alien says:

    well i am about to reach the eastern cocnfreene finals so after this game and another 2 rounds i should have the championship and i hope that i can get another shoe endorsement with plus 10 in 3pt or speed, because they already have jordans that give you plus 10 in dunk within that 40 sneakers collection

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