Reverend Knick’s Take On Tonight’s Game

It pains me to even be writing about tonight’s game considering the fact that my Knicks have recently entered the seventh circle of hell. They are 2-10 in their past 12 games, there is already talks of trading either Melo or Amare, and our shining ray of hope is hinging on the chubby kankles of Baron Davis. That being said, I will be in attendance at tonight’s game, and yes I will be in disguise. Not because I am afraid of Celtics fans starting a fight (I can take on a drunken sorority chick pretending to actually give a crap like the best of them) no, its not that. It’s mainly because right now, the way the Knicks were predicted to be serious contenders and are now sitting at 8-14, the Knicks fan base feels like the overweight/ tough talking bully who just got pants’ed by their older sister during recess. Embarrassing. Here are some pointers for tonight’s game.

1) There Is Nothing Like Christmas

And I say that as a direct shot to our Hebrew head writer Moose. The Knicks fooled everyone into thinking that they were a serious contender when they battled past the C’s on opening day. Well, that was then, and since that time the new pieces on the Celts look legit. Predominantly Brandon Bass. I am livid that the Celtics acquired this man, and in my opinion he isn’t valued as much as he should be. Watch out for Big Bass Man, guy can straight up play.

2) Coach On Hot Seat

Bottom line, if the Knicks lose again tonight after they biffed it during that comeback against the Bulls last night down the stretch, Mike D’antoni has to go. In fact, I hope they pull a move from the movie “Eddie” and bring a fan down from the stands to have them coach the squad. Anyone except Whoopi Goldberg though, she freaks me out.

3) I Hate That People Are Saying This Is Like A Playoff Game…….. But…..

The C’s have gone 7-2 in their past 9 games, and although they haven’t been gaining ground on the 76er’s, they have begun to separate themselves from the rest of the schlubs in the Eastern Conference. Right now they’re 7th in the Conference, and I know it may seem early, but because of the shortened schedule, the cream of the crop seems to be separating itself in the east from the bottom of the barrel Keystone Light substance that is the rest of the conference. If the Knicks win tonight, they can build off the momentum that they hung around until the final shot with the Bulls, and then went on to beat a division rival. If the Celtics win tonight, they will further stomp the Knicks hopes of catching up to them and cause for me to kick over every hot dog stand and/or elderly person wearing green outside of the Garden. Either way, its huge.


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