The Giants have the worst looking NFL player: Hello Kevin Boothe

Sometimes in professional sports, you come across a guy who doesn’t fall in line with the freakish muscle mountain athlete stereotype. And this week, we will all witness that guy in Kevin Boothe.

Ahh, Kevin Kevin Kevin. A six year pro out of Cornell University. Ever heard of it? The Giants guard is a big name on the Giants offensive line, but whats more interesting is his build.

As I said, not everybody is blessed with a Hugh Jackman body. Achem, I mean a professional athletes body. Hugh Jackman was just a blind reference. I don’t even like Hugh Jackman’s body. I hate it. I hate that jacked, manly, sculpted body. I swear.

But Boothe’s build is a bit, for lack of a better word, weird. He stands at 6’5, 320 pounds and I’m sure 300 of that is all below his waist. Thus creating the fattest thickest legs and ass I’ve ever seen on any man, never mind a professional athlete.

Boothe has child bearing hips for a man.  Seriously.  He could pop out triplets with those things and not even bat an eye.  It would be a disgusting scene, but stay with me here.

His lower base is so oddly over sized that it makes his upper body look like Tayshaun Prince.  But despite his looks, his power bottom makes him pretty immovable on the field.  He is 6’5, but he’s built like a 5’9 stub. His upper body might not be able to hold anyone off, but if he plants those tree stumps in the ground he can stand up almost anybody.

Whatever the outcome may be on Sunday, know this Giants…win or lose, your Guard will have severe hip issues in 2-4 years.


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