For some reason KG still goes nuts for Gino in Celtics win

(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

The Raptors are a bad team. And since the Celtics should have won this game anyway, it’s nice to see them put up 100 points.  Won’t happen often this season so bask in any offensive explosion when you can.  Since it was the Raptors and it is Superbowl week and no one gives a shit about the slightly above .500 Celtics, I’ll be brief.  A few things from last night…

Pierce can still play
Pierce is becoming a stat sheet stuffer so far this season putting up points, rebounds, and assists. Since he is finally getting into basketball shape, the captain is picking up where he left off last year when he posted career best numbers. Pierce had 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists.

Second Unit-
Accounting for 40 plus points last night, the second unit isn’t all that bad this year. Pains me to say it because I hated him last year, but Sasha Pavlovic is becoming somewhat of a role player. As long as he doesn’t do that European soccer clap with his hands over his head on the sideline, I’m cool with him.

When will Garnett stop acting like its his first time seeing Gino on the jumbo tron? We get it KG, you are animated and happy when the Celtics win. Stop pointing and laughing like you’ve never seen a curly haired white guy dance before.


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