There are bad NFL fans, and then there are Giants fans

Let me just say that the Patriots losing to the Giants in the 07′ Superbowl has no influence on this post. The Pats played awful, and the Giants had a few lucky breaks and won the game fairly. I’ve gotten over it, believe me.

With that being said Giants fans are rotten, awful people.  If you were at a party, Giants fans would be the guy in the middle of  the crowd dancing too hard (and poorly) with his “6” of a girlfriend during a non dancing themed party.   If you were at work, Giants fans would be the guy leading the staff meeting while frequently using the phrase “winning”.

Simply put, Giants fans are people who just don’t get it.  A mixture of Guidos and strange New Yorkers and Connective natives rooting for Eli Manning.  Eli bleeping hick ass Manning.  Which creates a sickening clash of worlds.

They tear him down and then they love him.  As much as I hate the Jets, their fan base did stay consistent this season by hating Sanchez all year.  Good job Jets fans.

And oh, the “Ggggggggggggg men” chant is a worse sound than when I backed up out of my drive way and crushed my dogs two back legs.  I was going 3mph too.  It’s not even a chant, it’s a stupid saying.  And none of the Giants fans know how long to hold the “Gggggg”s for.  There is no harmony at all.  Just a lot of fans holding the “Ggg” longer than they should.  At times, the Giants Stadium sounds like its collectively saying “cheeeseee men” instead.  It’s stupid, and it should stop.

But thanks to the most popular show of all time in Jersey Shore, there is an additional shared global hatred towards the New York/Jersey region.  Resulting in New York passing Boston fans as the most insufferable fan base .  As much as I love Boston sports, the local fans can be too much.  I hate the terms “Masshole, wicked, and pissah” so much that I don’t even like complaining about them because it means those words have to come out of my mouth.  But as much as I hate making fun of fan stereotypes I hate speaking of, Giants fans top all of that.

The gaudiness, the sense of entitlement, and the ability to be the loudest person anywhere makes Giants fans an all around nightmare. A Giants win on Sunday would make for Armageddon for sure.


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