Chuck Norris is tougher than ever, sports a ‘stache

Who is the only person that could win in a bare-knuckle brawl against Chuck Norris?

The answer: Chuck Norris with a mustache.

I woke up this morning on my half-filled blow up mattress with a pizza box to my left and my 12 inch tube television sitting on top of a wooden chest to my right. I must have left the TV on the Food Network after a long night of watching Chopped (best show on TV), and of course this morning’s programming flickering in the background was a Total Gym infomercial. I didn’t care much for it so I grabbed the last piece of bacon pizza and began stuffing my face. To my pleasant surprise I heard a wonderful and familiar sound, Chuck Norris’ soft, yet stern, voice going on and on about this stupid gym. I turned my attention to the TV and was taken back for a moment. Chuck Norris was sporting one of the greatest mustaches I have ever seen. I know what you are thinking, who cares, right? Wrong, this mustache was just so elegant it could make a lion sing Sinatra tunes. The next time you are feeling glum, take a second and refer back to this image of Chuck Norris and just remember, this guy is on America’s side so rest easy Jammers.


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