Lunch of the Day

For today’s lunch of the day we have the best of the best of Boston foods. Low and behold, the Annas Taqueria super burrito. To some, Annas is just Mexican food. But to those who understand what good food really is, Annas is more of an experience than anything else. You have to order it a certain way and be clear what you want. I’ll be honest there is a bit of a language barrier, but it’s well worth the incredible meal. If you don’t answer their questions the right way, you will walk out of there with the complete opposite of what you wanted. You just have to point, say yes, and pay. In that order, nothing more nothing less.

But what I did yesterday was add a little something to this burrito when I got home. Something called “Mamas Peppa Relish”. It is yet to hit stores, but I received a street sample from a local vendor. Shit…is…bonkers. It’s a jalapeno based relish that is, to quote the Jam’s former writer Snipes, “mad good”. And the Jam is proud to say it will be our first official sponsor. So keep your ears peeled and yours eyes open for this stuff to hit the shelves.

And yes that is floss in the background.  I do floss after every meal.


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