The Celtics were great last night, the food at the Garden..not so much

As stated yesterday the Jam was covering the Celtics game last night at the Garden.  Although we only sent out two live game tweets….

A group of nine year olds just put on a dance show for the ages during that timeout #celtics

FYI, the carved turkey sandwiches at the garden aren’t as good as advertised#celtics#turkey

We did take copious notes of the game and our surroundings.  Mostly our surroundings, not so much of the game.  And from our experience sitting in section 323, here’s what stood out…

Started with Pizza for the appetizer

During the first quarter, I decided to grab a monster slice of pie to hold me over for the first half.  This of course, interfered with my Twitter updates and overall ability to pay attention to the game.  Because when you’re sitting in the middle of your two large friends with a drink in one hand and a monster piece of pizza in the other, it’s tough to do anything but concentrate on not spilling grease or booze on your new skinny jeans.  Both of which I did.  Half way through the slice heartburn settled in, and then a vicious stomach cramp soon followed.  I gave the crust to my buddy, and leaned over in my seat and tried to fart to relieve the horrible pressure.  

Giants Suck chants

They were peppered here and there throughout the game, but towards the end they started to get heavy.  Didn’t get involved though.  Not to sound too pretentious but I think I’m better than that.   

Bring on the carved turkey sandwich

Stupid stupid buy, especially at an NBA game.  One of the worst decisions I’ve made this week.  Not only did I not want this sandwich at all, but it was strictly an impulsive buy as I was passing the concessions.  Still wasn’t fully recovered from the stomach cramps from the slice of pie, but at the time I thought that a nice TD Garden carved turkey sandwich would cure my illness.  It didn’t.  And I ate two bites of the sandwich until I passed it along to my buddy next to me.

Paul Pierce

Between my food dilemmas and inability to properly digest a meal, I did watch Paul Pierce completely take over the game.  He dropped 28 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists.  Best player on the court last night.  See what you’re missing out on David West ?   


One thought on “The Celtics were great last night, the food at the Garden..not so much

  1. Realist says:

    The pizza does look freakin’ good though.

    Farting would have been dangerously risky… you always risk sharting in such a state.

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